Hoi An Restaurant one of Vancouver’s great Vietnamese Restaurants.

This place is a regular for me! I get the same thing every time I go there. A small number 20 with the beef on the side and it never lets me down. I go there so often the servers remembers my order!

Bun bo hue

Here’s the break down, it’s called Bun Bo Tai, which I believe is a play off of the traditional Vietnamese soup, Bun Bo Hue. This soup is a spicy soup with a beef broth, round spaghetti style rice noodles, small pork hand-dropped meatballs, garnished with cilantro and onions. Here is the kicker, the difference between Bun Bo Hue and Bun Bo Tai is the meat, traditionally it’s served with beef shank but instead this soup comes with thinly sliced marinated beef! It’s absolutely mouth-wateringly flavourful. I prefer my meat on the side because I really enjoy rare meat, I can then control the cooking of the meat when I dip it in the broth.

Bean Sprouts

Like traditional Vietnamese food a side plate comes with some lime, bean sprouts and thai basil, but since the servers know I don’t use the basil they intentionally leave it off. If I’m extra hungry or if I come here with others I tend to order a bit more and get salad rolls or their Banh Bot Loc (a glutenous ball with dried shrimp and pork wrapped in banana leaves).

Their specialty dish is called Mi Quang which is a dry noodle dish that comes from the region of Hoi An, I haven’t given that one a try yet, but only because every time I go, a feeling inside makes me order the Bun Bo Tai!

Recommended for any gluten sensitive diners! Most Vietnamese food is rice based and doesn’t contain gluten!

Hoi An Cafe on Urbanspoon

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