Starbucks “La Boulange”. What’s all the hype about?

So I’ve seen so many adverts for Starbucks “La Boulange”, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Today was the release date for the baked goods, so I decided to drop by before class and pick something up! I walked in and took a glance at the available goods. I overheard that this was something that was already established in the US, but had just been released in Canada. Things looked similar, yet different. It looked more appetizing that’s for sure!

I got my regular drink: an iced americano with 2 pumps of white mocha. It’s a great drink, trust me! Strong coffee flavour with just enough milk and sweetness just from the white mocha. 

I also decided to go with something pretty simple for my first taste of this new line, a banana loaf. I’m sure they couldn’t mess up this one!

It was actually surprising how yummy this was. It was moist and full of flavour. It didn’t taste like the artificial banana extract like their old banana loaf did. It was a good start for me and I can’t wait to try more items off of their line! 

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