Hai Phong Vietnamese Restaurant!

My second post on a Vietnamese restaurant! This restaurant is located on Kingsway and Knight. I am pretty much a regular at this establishment because of their menu! It consist of many items that are not available at other Vietnamese restaurants. Along with Pho, vermicelli and rice dishes like other regular Vietnamese restaurants offer, they have what I like to call “home style” Vietnamese food, which are things like: Cá Kho Tộ (caramel braised fish), Tôm Rang Mặn (salted caramel shrimp) and Canh Chua (Vietnamese hot and sour soup).


For being a regular patron for about 2 years, it was actually my first time having their spring rolls. I was pleasantly surprised, they were pretty good! I like the egg wraps better than the rice paper wraps, so this was right up my alley! It was nice, crisp on the outside with a soft centre! It paired well with the sweet dipping fish sauce.

We also got this for an appetizer which was AMAZING! I had to put it in capitals to captivate how good it was!


I am really into rare beef so when I saw it on the menu, it was a must! They call it Beef Sashimi. It’s some thinly sliced lean beef with sliced onions, marinated in a little bit of lemon I believe. Its garnished with roasted peanuts, fried shallots and Vietnamese coriander. The dipping sauce is some sort of soy sauce and fish sauce mix. This dish has to be one of my favourites! I have to stop myself from ordering it every time I go, I’m sure that much raw beef isn’t good for you!

Another item that I get pretty regularly is the Bun Rieu. This noodle soup is not usually at other Vietnamese restaurants and when I do see it at other restaurants it’s usually not as good. Its a crab and tomato based soup. Think of it as a consommé, when they make a raft out of eggs and meat, but this soup actually keeps the raft as a main part of the dish and flavours it with spices! This soup has always been my favourite ever since I was young! My mom still makes it for me every time I go back home to visit.


The soup is served with puff tofu, Vietnamese ham, pork feet and pork blood. I know the last two sound gross or to an acquired taste, but they’re not too bad… I still prefer my soup without it so I ask them not to add them in. For the purpose of the picture I wanted to make a regular one so I could show everything it comes with (those who are into it).

IMG_4935Of course like most Vietnamese soups it comes with an accompanied dish of vegetables. For this particular soup you get two extra items instead of just the bean sprouts, lemon and thai basil. You get shredded morning glory (the curly green strings) and banana blossoms (curly yellow strings). You just put it in your soup and let it absorb all the great flavours!

This restaurant to me is one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Vancouver. It’s cheap, easy, convenient and delicious!

Give it a try!


Hai Phong Vietnamese Restaurant 海豐越南美食 on Urbanspoon

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