Hakkaku Ramen!

Rainy day in Vancouver, whats new, right? I guess it’s a good day to go out looking for a bowl of hot soup. Hakkaku Ramen in North Burnaby it is! I had heard that this noodle house was pretty on point with its authenticity, so why not give it a try! The restaurant was really small surprisingly with only about 10 tables. It was pretty busy when I arrived around 6:00PM, but luckily we didn’t have to wait long to get seated.

Their menu was pretty simple to understand, it had only about 6 ramen choices: Shio, Miso, Hot Miso, Shrimp, Curry and Shoyu.  With all the ramen at this restaurant you have the choice between a rich broth (more fat and body) or regular and any choices with chashu (pork) you get the choice between belly or shoulder. They had a few appetizers like gyoza and chashu bao (bun with chashu in it). I tried went with something simple as an appetizer and got the gyoza and for a my main I got the hot miso ramen to warm me up!


The gyoza was pretty tasty. Really juicy and the sauce it came with is pretty similar to the normal gyoza sauce served at other Japanese restaurants, just more concentrated and oily. The presentation was a little off with the caramelized starchy bits hanging off of the dumplings, but I can’t complain because they were pretty tasty.

I got my ramen seconds after I finished taking pictures of the gyoza. It came on a large wooden platter with a spoon. I thought the platter was pretty handy and cleaver, just an easy way to place the large bowl on the table without spilling. The smell was pretty overwhelming! I was so hungry at that point, for the sake of this review I had to take a picture with it still in tact!


Hot Miso Ramen


What arrived in front of me was a huge bowl of noodles, bamboo, corn, bean sprouts, chashu, half a 6 minute egg, green onions and all in a spicy miso broth! Wow did it ever hit the spot, the regular broth was just rich enough for me, it was flavourful and the ratio between the vegetables and noodles/broth was perfect! The chashu was a little tougher than I’ve had before, but since I chose the lean option, I kind of expected it. Although for being a hot miso ramen it was pretty mild; I would only give it a 3/10 on the heat factor.

My sisters both got different ramen’s. The miso ramen and the shrimp ramen, they both looked just as good! I took a spoonful of the shrimp ramen and I thought it was really yummy. It came with a couple shrimp patties that looked like it had some sort of chive in it. The broth was really light and delicate. I would definitely order the shrimp ramen if I ever had the chance to come back.


Shrimp Ramen



Miso Ramen


Miso Ramen

Overall I think the experience was pretty good. The bill was under $35.00 for 3 people. I was pleased with the low price point for some quality food! I rate Hakkaku Ramen an 8/10. I would definitely come back to this restaurant!

Give it a try if you’re in the area!


Hakkaku Ramen 八鶴 on Urbanspoon

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