Anny’s Dairy Bar!

Anny’s Dairy Bar is a dessert store in New Westminster just a 20 minute drive from Vancouver! It looks like a small scale store run by ma and pa, hiring high school students part time for help!  The establishment has very few tables, but I’d assume people are more inclined to grab their ice cream and enjoy the sun.


They specialize in maple twist soft serve ice cream! I’ve been here once before and decided to go for a nice drive to get some yummy dessert! Of course I had to get the maple twist ice cream for true Canadian treat!


They say its unique to British Columbia and I cannot confirm that, but I haven’t ever seen it served anywhere else. The ice cream is actually really good, really smooth and not too sweet. The maple flavour is a bit lacking I believe, but still great tasting ice cream! I’d prefer Anny’s ice cream over Soft Peak’s ice cream any day! It doesn’t have the glitz and glam of Soft Peaks, but they have some damn good ice cream!


They give you good portions as well! The picture above was a small cone, really great value! Overall I give Anny’s Dairy Bar 8/10. They could improve on the service, there was only one young boy working and he was running the tills, making ice cream as well as cooking in the back kitchen. We went on a weekday and it was pretty deserted there, so that may be the result of the lack of employees… I’m sure they may have more staff in the summer! I would definitely go back and maybe come for lunch, looks like they make a great poutine, I’m just a little hesitant on canned gravy… but definitely worth a try!
Anny's Dairy Bar on Urbanspoon

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