Banh Mi Saigon!

So Banh Mi Saigon… where do I start?  This is a Vietnamese store that is newly opened (about two weeks ago) on Victoria and 33rd avenue. They are classified as a deli and dessert restaurant, but they specializing in Vietnamese subs and Che (Vietnamese Dessert)! I’ve been there a few times prior to my last visit, but every time I get some sandwiches for the family, I never get the chance to have one fresh. From what I had tasted thus far, I wasn’t quite impressed because I’m not fond of their Vietnamese subs reheated in the toaster oven. I thought that I would give it a chance to have it fresh before I totally judge the sandwich. A friend that lives in the area told me that she saw the lady who sold Vietnamese Che 6 mau (six colour dessert) at the Richmond Night Market was working/the owner of Banh Mi Saigon. This has got to be one of my favourite Vietnamese desserts and bingo she was right! I walked in, there was a cool menu set up in the shape of a famous mall/grocery store in Vietnam called Cho Ben Thanh and the che 6 mau was on the menu! It beats waiting for the summer night market to come to enjoy the bean dessert!


I digress, so my friend and I tried the Vietnamese sub fresh, we got the meatball sub and added Vietnamese ham to share, we also ordered a couple of lemon iced tea’s to cool us down from the hot weather. Usually the most popular sub is the special sup which has Vietnamese ham and bacon, meatball (ground), pate, mayo, cucumber, pickled vegetables (daikon and carrots), cilantro and jalapeño’s. To start off all the sandwiches are $4.50, a little more expensive than Bale (on Kingsway and Fraser) the place where I usually get my subs, which is $4.00. They loaded the sandwich with quite a lot of meat and picked vegetables! Since they weren’t cheap on ingredients I think it’s a pretty fair price. The sandwich was pretty good fresh, way better than when I had it reheated in the toaster oven. The bread was so good, crispy and crunchy on the outside, but still subtle and soft in the middle. The lemon iced tea on the other hand was phenomenal, on a totally different level than the sandwich! It’s so refreshing on a hot summers day! It came with shaved ice so you could get small pieces of ice coming up your straw while you drink it! I definitely enjoyed that!

Overall I really enjoyed my sandwich, I just wouldn’t recommend you get it prior, just consume it ASAP! If you do wait, the bread gets really soggy when you reheat it later. The dessert is just like the one at the Richmond Night Market, so that doesn’t disappoint. I give Banh Mi Saigon an 8/10, what they could work on is the service, though it’s friendly I feel as though they aren’t efficient enough, they still need to get into their own groove and work out the kinks. Give the place a try, its worth it to stop by for a really cheap lunch!

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