Moderne Burger!

Where do I begin with this place… Well I attempted to go to this restaurant a few weeks ago arriving around 6:45PM and was told that there were only 2 burger buns left. I thought this was quite strange, a restaurant that exclusively sells burgers run out of buns in the middle of dinner service. Unfortunately we had a party of 3 and no one really wanted to compromise and have a hamburger steak. Ultimately I don’t think you should have to compromise not having a full burger when you go to a burger joint. Maybe I was being a bit too critical, so I thought I wouldn’t cross this place off my list just yet.

One day when my friends and I were just sick of the food we were eating in our neighbourhood, we decided to give this place a shot again, earlier this time, hopefully they will still have some buns for us! We arrived at 6:00PM and thankfully they had buns left! Praise Jesus! The three of us were seated in a booth, it was kind of a tight squeeze, which was surprising because of the excess space that they had in the restaurant, they could have made the tables and booths a bit larger to make the dining experience a bit more comfortable.


The restaurant was pretty cool looking, sort of a blast from he past. It was painted in light pastel yellows and greens and set up like a diner! I was impressed with the atmosphere that they had created.


I glanced through the menu and it was quite basic, you can order a burger with your choice of beef, veggie, turkey or salmon. The burger comes with all the fixin’s for $7.95 or $8.95 with salmon. You can get a burger platter that comes with fries as well for $10.95. Any additional toppings like cheese, mushrooms or bacon comes with an additional charge of $1.25. A pretty basic menu, a little pricy if you want a bacon cheeseburger though. I ended up getting a mushroom burger platter with a cherry Coca-Cola.


The cherry cola was the highlight of my experience! It was great it came in a tall glass with crushed ice and topped with a maraschino cherry! Very cute. At $2.75 I think it was worth every penny!


Now here’s the big kicker! The piece de resistance! The burger! My thoughts? It was pretty good, the meat was extremely fresh, you could taste how clean and fresh it was. The vegetables inside the burger were also at the same caliber. As for flavour, they could have seasoned the burger, it was a bit bland! The french fries were also pretty good, fresh home cut fries, you can’t go wrong! Although, we did ask if they had any gravy and the server told me that they don’t make or carry any. I think this was a missed opportunity on their part! Who could resist a burger and a real Canadian poutine?! It’s so simple to make and would make it a really easy upsell for the servers.

Now on the topic of service, I was really let down on that end, the service was awkward and maybe a little fake. The lady who took our order was quite abrupt and cut throat, while still keeping a smile on her face. That leaded me to believe that she was a bit fake, my friend had asked for her burger to be cut in half (for ease when eating) and she flat out said no and that she will bring her a knife so my friend could do it herself. We were totally okay with that, but unfortunately she didn’t bring us a knife so we resorted to using a butter knife on the table. We would have asked her for a knife, but from the time we received our food to the time we finished eating, we weren’t approached by a server to ask if we needed anything else/get refills on water.

So my final thoughts on Moderne Burger? I rate it a 6/10. It would have gotten a better rating if the service was better. Although I do think I would eat there again if I passed by and wanted a quick snack. I’d recommend the cherry coke and some fries! The rest, I’m sure you could get better elsewhere. Their hours of operation was a little odd to me as well, for a burger place selling shakes and malts, I think they would have been open till around 10:00PM, but they’re only open till 7:30PM everyday Tuesday to Sunday.

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