Motomachi Shokudo Ramen

Motomachi Shokudo Ramen, not a name that rolls off the tongue thats for sure. A friend made a quick stop in Vancouver a couple days before he went back home to the Yukon and had a hankering for some ramen. Why not I thought, it was a cold rainy day, I could go for some soup! After driving downtown Vancouver and looking for parking for far too long, we finally decided to park and “hike” to Denman through the rainstorm. The first ramen restaurant we went to, Kintaro Ramen, was pretty busy. The line up that went out the door. Unfortunately we didn’t have the desire to wetter so we decided to walk down the block to Motomachi Shokudo.


Motomachi Shokudo!


It looks like its a pretty prestigious restaurant, winning awards since 2014! So it was to my surprise that it wasn’t so busy. When we came there were only about 3 tables, but then again the restaurant only had about 5 tables and a larger communal table in the centre. The atmosphere was great, an open kitchen and the decor seemed like you were transported to somewhere else. The menu was pretty interesting, there were only about 5 different types of ramen that were available, but they gave a pretty detailed description of each.


I ordered Shio Ramen and a side of kimchi, I know kimchi isn’t generally a Japanese dish, I just wanted to try a Japanese rendition of it! Assuming that the chefs were actually Japanese. For me, the kimchi was a little underwhelming. It wasn’t well fermented and ended up being little bland. I think kimchi should ever be described as bland! It should be the farthest thing from bland! Then again some people prefer fresh kimchi so if thats you, give it a try.


As for the ramen, it was pretty good! You can tell that a lot of care was put into the bowl. The bean sprouts were steamed well and the boiled egg was so flavourful. The broth was clean, but rich and the noodles were well cooked. There was a really good ratio between, broth, vegetables and meat! Sometimes when you get a bowl of soup and there is too many noodles or too much meat and it just ruins the balance of the meal! As for the “cons” the charsu was extremely fatty. I believe  that they used straight up pork belly and I’m not a huge fan of that much fat in one bite.

Overall, I think that it was pretty good,I give it a 3.5/5. Not the best ramen I’ve ever had, but still pretty good. The ambiance and the service was such a redemption factor for me. I would go back just because I love the feeling of being transported to another place, so if I’m in the area again, I’d go back!

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