Sweet Potato Brownies

So I decided to try something new. A member of my household has decided to become vegan… what a hassle. How is one to bake without eggs and milk?! Well while procrastinating, I decided to peruse the inter web for some vegan blogs. I wanted to look for something sweet to make. Stumbled upon Deliciously Ella’s blog for some Sweet Potato Brownies! The hell?! I was straight up baffled! Vegans are so damn crafty, with the absence of animal products and byproducts, I’d guess you’d have to be crafty. To replicate the chewiness and fudginess of the original so called “cruel” brownie, would be replaced with dates and sweet potato. Damn… who knew.



500 g or 2 medium – sweet potatoes
200 g – oats
12 – Medjool dates
6 tbsp – pure maple syrup
pinch – Salt
6 tbsp – raw cacao powder
1 cup – roasted pecans
300 g – chopped dark chocolate


This recipe is pretty quick and easy. Rather then a one pot meal its a one blender brownie. Soak your pitted medjool dates (don’t use those gnarly dry brick dates, live a little, get the good ones), if they’re already pretty soft, you won’t really have a problem. I find that if I process dates, it tends to be easier if I soak them for a couple hours. Peel and steam your sweet potatoes.steam

I feel steaming is a little better than just boiling your sweet potato because it tends keep the potatoes a bit dryer. Having the control of your moisture level will benefit you in the long run in the case that you end up with a goopy brownie… but you do you, I ain’t a babysitter. Drain your dates well and process them in a food processor or a high speed blender. Grind your oats in a coffee grinder till it’s finely milled. Add all the remaining ingredients in except for your pecans and chopped chocolate… I guess I won’t be lazy and type it out for you… (oats, salt, maple syrup and cocoa powder). Mix all of this real well. Pour ur mixture into a mixing bowl and stir in the pecans and chocolate chunks. I say pour as if the batter was actually runny, at this point if your batter isn’t the constancy of Play Doh, you’ve done something wrong.

Ready to bakne

Put your completed “mixture” into a greased 9″ square pan and level it out with an off set spatula. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes. Seems pretty long for a “chewy” brownie, but it surprisingly it worked!


Overall The brownie wasn’t bad, I cut the brownie in 14 pieces and it really did have the consistency of a brownie, as advertised. It tasted like the healthiest brownie I’ve ever eaten, I’m not sure if thats just a mental thing, knowing it was made out of sweet potato… but meh. I would probably make it again if I had a guest with some dietary restrictions. Myself? I’ll probably stick with Two Bite Brownies from Costco.


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