About Me Part II – Vegan

Oh god, sounds corny as all hell but I guess this is like a new beginning… cue the hypey dramatic ass music.

So this “About me” section has changed a quite a bit from three years ago. So I’m still living in Vancouver, BC and still love food. The latter will NEVER change. Though the type of food I have been eating has changed DRAMATICALLY. November 2017 I decided to move towards a plant based diet (I say that as if it has been such a long time, but in reality, it’s November 26th as I write this). From being a chef that was primarily meat based (for God sake, I cooked all the proteins for Fuel when it was still open…), it’s been a huge change.

I want to start documenting what I eat, what I make and the struggles that I may encounter with the transition. So far I think it’s pretty interesting, when you cut out meat and dairy out of your diet, people tend to get very creative with things they make when they try to replicate the crueler alternative. So to get to the point, recipes I make will be my attempts at making different vegan snacks, lunches/dinners and of course desserts! As for restaurants I want to explore and try not only vegan restaurants in Vancouver (there are so many more than I had anticipated), but to go to regular run of the mill restaurant and see what I can actually have there! I think this would be helpful just for the general idea on which restaurants are accommodating to the 13% of British Columbians that identify as vegan or vegetarian.

Well there’s the short explanation on the direction of this blog!


Hope you all enjoy.